Day 30: Start All Over Again

You read that right. Today we start all over from the very beginning.

This is a process, a journey, a never ending adventure to find out who we really are, and what we’re made of.

We have to wake up everyday and decide that we want to be happy, confident, strong, brave, amazing, and unapologetically ourselves.

It truly is the biggest job of our lives, and we’re the only ones that can make this happen for ourselves. 

We’ve challenged ourselves everyday for the past 30 days, but the truth is, we’ve challenged ourselves everyday since we were born. That’s how we made it this far. 

Yes, this 30 day challenge was meant to wake you up, get you out of your comfort zone, and start asking yourself the hard questions, but it doesn’t end today.

Today is just day 1.

Don’t forget to give yourself credit for being where you are at this very moment. Sure, it may not be where you thought you’d be, and it may not be where you want to be long term, but you’re alive and kicking, and that deserves some kudos.

Who you are today is much more different than who you were when you started this 30 day challenge, so the way you approach each of these challenges will be different. Maybe not in dramatic ways, but I promise you each challenge will feel different.

You may continue to implement some of the things you learned, or you may decide to practice all or none of them. Whatever you decide, I hope you wake up everyday just feeling grateful to be alive. It truly is the greatest blessing.

I’m so incredibly proud of us for making it this far, and I’m beyond excited to see where the next 30 days will take us. I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey as much as I have, and that you will share my 30 day challenge with your loved ones, so we can all continue to be the best versions of ourselves.

I would love to hear what you've really gotten out of these 30 days, and what you hope to see more of this year on Artisan & King.

More than anything, I hope you're proud of yourself. You decided to take part in this challenge, and whether you did all 30 challenges or not, know that your consciousness has been elevated by just being present.

You did, you made it to today. Congratulation!

All my love!


Posted on January 31, 2017 .