Finding My Hustle

Hustling Hard


As part of my aforementioned quarter-life-crisis, I decided to move back to NYC to rediscover myself, my dreams, my hustle.


Living in LA, a land of sunshine and ease, I found it was easy to be sucked into the La La Land notion of chilling out, working here and there and being in-between projects. My life looked glamorous, but in truth was far from it.


I would wake up, and my main “must-do” for the day was a hike and two hours at the gym. I looked amazing, felt healthy and was beyond fit.


It was an extremely pleasant way of life. One I do not blame, or look down upon anyone for enjoying. It is impossible to be angry or upset when you wake up to a natural perfection. Yet, I wasn’t truly living. I was simply existing. Surviving fine and well, but my passion was missing.


Getting back to New York City was like getting back to my roots. I was forced to look at my life, my bank account, my drive. Everyone I was surrounded by was moving and shaking. Doing something. Becoming a grander version of themselves.


I wanted that, I knew I needed that, but saying it was a wakeup call would be an understatement.  I went through what is technically called a “reverse-cultural shock.”


I had connections everywhere, but getting back into the “real” working world was incredibly more challenging than I could have imagined. Changing paths, moving life patterns, altering my thinking.


I have always hustled. Had more than one job. Owned my independence. But this time around was about establishing something bigger. Truly setting up my life for the future. Looking beyond surviving, pushing for the ultimate goal of happiness and self-sufficiency in my work.


It has been a tough, rough, and “on-the-grind” process, but I can feel it all coming together. I work four jobs, some more glamorous than others, but all with there important function. Each allows me the ability to focus on my passions. Help in spreading my word. Living out my journey, not just existing in it.


It’s really hard to stay positive when your Monday schedule is 10am straight through to 3 am. A day job flowing straight into a night job. Wearing a button-up now. Shedding it later for a tank top. But I asked for this. I wanted to lose my boredom to busy.


We often forget that things aren’t ever really that easy. That the over night success was years and years of hard work. While easy sounds so appealing, it wouldn’t deliver that same feeling of success and satisfaction that hours of persistence, patience and determination bring.


Barrett at thirty will thank the Barrett of today for setting up shop. For being tired here and there. For understanding it was all part of a bigger plan. For hustling hard.


In the meantime, I’ll see you on the weekend. 

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Posted on April 7, 2014 .