How Are You?


How are you?

No really how are you?

I am actually asking. I would love a response. Don’t glaze over this. Answer. Don’t just respond with: good, bad, fine. Truly, take a moment to think about how you are right now.

Write it down. Speak it out loud. Interpretative dance it. Whatever you do, respond in some way that isn’t a swirling thought entrapped in your conscious of craziness.

Look at your life. Be explanatory with yourself. Evaluate, reflect, consider.

In life we constantly ask and answer this question. It’s a formality. A mundane entanglement of common words. A polite obligation. A coupling of give and take with people you come into contact with.

We often ask, but do not listen. We often respond, but not with honesty.

But imagine you actually answered this question with truth, a genuine tongue, a deeper understanding.

You looked at me, your mom, your best friend, your most annoying coworker and answered exactly how you are feeling at that specific moment. Supplying more than a single one syllable adjective. Using your rhetoric of the heart, and logic of the brain to fulfill this simple question.

It’s incredible what you can unlock within yourself when you answer this modest inquiry. A world of emotions present themselves. Feelings tucked away come to the surface, and you are forced to feel. Positives and negatives. Set backs and evolutions. Desires and fears.

While I call upon the frequency in which this phrased is employed, it is often the times we are not asked, “how are you?” that we need it the most. So, again, let me be the one to ask you, “how are you?”

Answer thoughtfully, considerately, and openly. Expressing exactly how you feel in an articulate and clear way can change your life, be the catalyst to a new, spark a new chapter.

I hope you are well, but I hope you are more than a single four letter word.

With Love,


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Posted on May 28, 2014 .