Curating Your Happiness

Sometimes all it takes is a moment of a breathing breeze. A silent seduction of sumptuous subtleness. A moment of miles moving.

An escape.

To leave the life you employ, and find solace in another world can be the refresh our chromosome computer needs. Taking more than a few minutes to find freshness can revitalize in the most glorious of ways.

Quietness clears your craziness. Grass massages your feet. Cement is traded for sand. Warmth envelops you. Life doesn’t just feel like a luxurious dream, it is.

Give yourself the gift to be. Be relaxed. Be calm. Be free from the flurry of frequent stresses. Find your happiest of places.

Your life is your exploration of years to seconds, seconds to years. Be responsible, be resourceful, be your greatest friend. Gift yourself the moments to unwind, and just soak in the beauty around you.

May you be the light in the darkest of places, the flower sprouting among weeds, the cool breeze on a sublimely hot day. 

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Posted on June 3, 2014 .