Perfection was a word I struggled with for a very long time. Growing up as a different type of child, I often strived to be as “perfect” as possible. I was an overachiever academically. I was nationally ranked as a competitive swimmer. I was kind, took part in activities that gave back to different communities, and maintained an exterior that I hoped was pleasing to others.

However, as close as I could get to the idea of perfection, I always felt as if I fell very far from achieving perfection. 

I thought that if I could force myself into being the perfect person, others wouldn’t mind, notice, or care about the things that innately made me very different from my peers. However, as I continued to mature, venture out on my own, and explore my sexuality, and ultimately my self, I began to understand that I could never fit into society’s notion of perfection.

Perfection by definition is universally unobtainable. It is a word that means something different to every person. Thus to ever truly be perfect means you must rid yourself of the idea of perfection, and accept imperfection.

While this seems completely counterintuitive, it actually becomes beyond logical once we break down the language that we use to express this very idea.

When we do this, we give ourselves permission to understand that even when things are “imperfect,” they are actually perfect. Even the word imperfect, when broken down, becomes “I’m perfect.” Right now, I want you to spell the word imperfect out loud.

You can hear yourself saying i-m-p-e-r-f-e-c-t. Now say just the two first letters, and then the rest of the word, i-m-perfect.

Hearing yourself say, “I (a)m perfect,” is an incredibly important thing. It is the first step in understanding that you truly are perfect.

I first fully came to the realization that everything is truly perfect by being imperfect while I was meditating. It was as if all the teaching and readings I had done around “self-help” had collided to gift me with this invaluable understanding. It seemed so obvious, but that is the beauty in life. We truly do have all the answers sitting inside of us. It simply is a matter of accepting that we know this, and gifting ourselves the time to talk to our selves.

To fully embrace imperfections is to fully embrace that you are already, in this present moment, completely perfect. Not just imperfectly perfect, but fundamentally perfect.

Language as a whole is a concoction of words and sounds put together by human beings to formulate meanings to help us make sense of the world, and ultimately ourselves and how we fit into this world. When we begin to deconstruct language, and in many ways the ideas we hold onto about ourselves, we begin to understand that everything is simply a mind game. We hold the power to think of ourselves in a much higher sense of being. We just have to let ourselves do this. 

The idea that you are already perfect may seem ridiculous, scary, or insane, but why?

Probably because someone once a long time ago told you that you weren’t perfect in some way. They probably made a comment in passing that they didn’t think twice about, and then left you with a feeling of imperfection. To make this matter seem even more absurd, this person was probably dealing with their own insecurities around perfection, so it was easier to project their feelings of imperfection onto you.

A prime example of this from my own life is when I was around 11 or 12 years old. My father made a comment about my nose being big. It was a comment that I doubt he thought about again, but it was one that sat with me for years. It made me look into getting a nose job, created an insecurity within myself, and made me dislike a part of physical being that I had no part in creating. 

My nose lets air enter and exit my body. It gives my face character, and it is the nose I have. I could sit here and write negatively about my nose, but by choosing to accept my nose, I am feeding more positivity into my life, literally breathing it in. Additionally, this in return also makes you think of my nose as a positive. It is far more attractive both energetically and physically to speak highly of ourselves. We attract higher vibrations, frequencies, and energies when we do this, rather than when we speak negatively about ourselves or others.

So I must ask…

What would happen if you stopped picking on yourself, and focused that same amount of energy into thinking you are perfect? 

Chances are your whole life would elevate.

Why not allow yourself the opportunity to feel like you are wholly, or to continue our play with language, holy perfect. You do not need to explain yourself to anyone, and you do not owe anyone an explanation as to why you feel holy perfect. This is a feeling that you must manifest for yourself, and then continue to let yourself feel everyday.

It takes work, but anything that is worth having in our lives takes work. We work our bodies out, so that they feel healthy, fit, and strong. Why wouldn’t we do the same to something as powerful as our mind or soul?

By reminding yourself everyday that you are perfect, and allowing imperfection to manifest into perfection, you are freeing yourself from the societal restrictions that are holding you back. After all, the only time we feel imperfect is when we compare ourselves to others. Without comparison there is no perfect or imperfect, there simply is being. To be present in this present moment is to give yourself the ultimate present, being holy perfect.

When you can accept this universal truth, you free yourself in every way. To understand that your life is perfectly how it should be, allows you the opportunity to remove the victimization that is so easy to fall into, and through action, take control so that you may thrive rather than just survive.

Remember to accept your life as perfect is to not say you are done growing. It simply means that you are accepting your unique journey, and where you are right now in life, so that you can feed more love and light into growing and evolving into an even more perfect version of yourself.

Your life is yours to create. Do it with kindness, compassion, and curiosity, so that you may continue to find new and exciting pieces of yourself.

What’s the worse thing that could happen? Your dreams come true?





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Posted on August 2, 2018 .