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The Future of Sweet Dreams

Your eyes are closed. You take a deep breath. You rest your head down. You slumber. You dream.

There is nothing like waking up from an amazing night’s sleep. Your body and mind are well rested, relaxed, ready to go. You are able to think clearly throughout the day, productivity and precision are fully engaged. You are able to activate and focus your mind at its highest potential. Your body is reactive and looser. You are at ease.

We all know sleep is extremely important, but how many of us actually get the recommended 8-9 hours of sleep a night? I am going to guess very little of us.

I know if you are anything like me, there are a million things to get done, and 8-9 hours of sleep usually is not an option. However, this trend of “under sleeping” is doing us much more harm than we may realize.

Thus, I propose, it is time you really thought about the time you aren’t “thinking.” It is time to think about how you sleep. How you wake up. How you fall into that dream world.

I did just this, and decided to make some very grown up changes. The results have been beyond spectacular.

I recently got a brand new Simmons ComforPedic iQ Mattress, I know it sounds fancy, and it kind of is. This was something of an adult move, as I have a hard time allowing myself to indulge, but I found myself going to bed and not getting a full night’s sleep in forever. I tend to think a lot before bed; combine a restless mind with a pretty old mattress, sensitive lower back and biological clock that is off whack, and you have a recipe for some seriously shitty sleep.

I knew I was doing myself a disservice, so following the path of making positive changes, I changed my mattress. I know you are probably thinking, “Barrett, how the hell did changing your mattress, change you?” Well, to be honest, I provided myself with a greater potential for better sleep, which in effect allowed me to be a better Barrett while awake.

I have to say that this new mattress is wild. It shows up with directions to push a button for two minutes while you lay on the bed. The mattress then begins to acclimate to your body and room, and you can physically see this thing moving and breathing. It is seriously crazy.

I was so excited to sleep on my mattress because it has this awesome technology that basically allows your body to reach its ultimate comfort level without thinking. The mattress is doing the work for you, thus allowing your mind, body and soul to reach a delicious peacefulness that I have not had in a long time.

Since I have enjoyed the future of sleeping, I have felt true changes in my life.

I have been able to fall asleep faster. I do not find myself tossing and turning. I kind of melt away, and find myself waking up with greater ease. I still do not want to get out of my bed, but that is because I am so comfortable.

I truly wake up feeling rejuvenated, reset, revitalized. I am able to go about my day with a greater focus because my body and brain have been able to refresh over night. With a boost in my energy, there has been a cyclic occurrence, in which I have been able to workout harder because my muscles are more rested. Furthermore, by getting better rest, I am allowing my body to better recover, and aiding in the prevention of possible injuries, relieving stress on my back and finding a general overall comfort.

Taking this whole talk on sleep one step further, I have had some of the most vivid dreams recently. Being able to dream is such a gift because it is the world, where some of the most amazing ideas arise. Being able to think beyond, imagine bigger and create new ideas. In my opinion, this is an even grander gift.

Sleep is truly one of the greatest aids you can give yourself. In a world where everything is nonstop, it is incredibly important to allow yourself the ultimate decompression. By giving yourself just a few extra minutes or hours of sleep, you will truly change your life.

May the slumber be with you! Sweat Dreams!

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