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Why Change Is Necessary In Relationships

When you care for someone deeply things change.

Philbrook Farms. White Mountains, NH.

You change. They change. You change together.

As two mature individuals, in a relationship, you understand that there has to be a give and a take. You learn this in all relationships: lovers, friends, family, coworkers, teammates, truly the list is endless.

We must understand that in order to make things work; we cannot expect everything we do to be right, correct, the best.

Hike up Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.

As an individual, you are able to do everything your way, but when you consciously decide to include someone else in your world, you must learn to soften, understand, be open. You cannot be closed off, guarded, unwilling to look at life events from different perspectives. Snap judgments hinder your ultimate understanding. It is imperative to take a step back, breathe and let things marinate in order to be perfectly communicated.

Growth, development, evolution are how we have survived all these years as a human race. We did not just stick to what we knew, what we saw, what we believed. We admittedly looked for new ways to go about things, and this is exactly how we must behave when faced with other people.

Mt. Washington, New Hampshire

The way you function, may not be the way someone you love functions. The way you go about your day, may be different than the way your closest friends go about their day. The way you love may be different than they way the person you love loves. This does not mean that one of you is more correct; it just means you are different. You must understand the meaning of specific actions based off of people’s personalities, and an open medium of communication.

However, this does not excuse bad behavior. Rather, it should be the beginning place of where you build your foundation, so that years down the road, you are able to simply look at the person and know what they are thinking.

Mt. Washington, New Hampshire

As we mature, search for our partner, and evolve in general it is important to remember that we will not be the same person we were a day ago, a year ago, two years ago, or 10 years ago.  Frustrations, arguments and disagreements are usually caused through misunderstandings and poor communication. If we can effectively, truly say what we mean in a clear and articulate way, we will not only save our relationships, but ourselves in return.

We live. We experience. We learn. We build relationships. We loose some. We keep others for a lifetime. We change

The boys in front of Mr. Philbrook's true Americana hunting cabin.

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