Day 23: Exercise

Our bodies wants to move.

We’ve gotten so used to the idea of exercise being a chore when it is in fact what our body craves.

We need to remember that our bodies were made to move, and exercise isn’t a punishment. It’s a gift we give to ourselves to keep our bodies running at maximum efficiency.

The point of exercising should be to have some “me time,” release stress, and sweat out anxieties we’re holding onto. 


For our final 7 days, it’s time got our butts to the gym, a workout class, or follow an at home workout.

We want to get sweaty, feel the burn, and let our bodies become more fit.

Our goal shouldn’t to become a certain size, or look a certain way, although these can be secondary goals. What we should stay focused on is achieving a higher level of fitness, becoming more flexible, and building our strength.


I’ve provided a few different at home workouts that are super easy to follow, and can be found by following this link:


One of my favorite sayings is, “the harder the workout, the harder the body.” Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself, and to break out of your comfort zone. 

Remember your body is different then my body, which is different than another body. We have to honor our own bodies, and remove the excuses.

The more we wait to get our fitness and health back on track, the longer it will take to reach our goals. Stop running away from the gym, and start running, or at least walking more.

Your body is an amazing machine, be proud of it, and more than anything be grateful to have this body!

Posted on January 24, 2017 .