Heart Happy Bracelet

My daily reminder to lead with love.

Let’s be honest. We all forget on occasion, some more than others, and sometimes the things we forget we do not even realize we are forgetting.

We all need reminders every now and then to do certain things: pick up the laundry, change the water filter, buy new toothpaste. We have calendars filled with dates, appointments and meetings. Go to the doctor, meet with a client, wish so and so a happy birthday.

We make sure to not forget these important events and tasks by all means necessary, but what we do not always remind ourselves to do, is to take care of our feelings and attitudes, our inner selves, our souls.

In a world that is non-stop, we have access to almost everything all the time, so it becomes that much harder to take the time we need to be present with ourselves, and reflect in a real conscious manner, on the lives we are living.

However, if we are scheduling time to do simple tasks, why would we not find ways to remind ourselves to be positive, enjoy the moment, and be better?

If you have followed any part of my journey, it has become quite apparent that through the years, I have, and still continue to, wear a Heart Happy Bracelet around my left wrist.

It is something that many of my friends and followers have become familiar with as I look to spread my message of positivity. 

For me, my Heart Happy Bracelet is about having a daily reminder to work on myself in a larger sense. It is a reminder that while I physically work, I need to spiritually, soulfully, emotionally work as well.

The general idea is that you have someone you love and trust tie a red string around your left wrist with seven knots. The string is to be worn on the left side because left represents the desire to receive, and is where negativity tends to enter the body. The color red is used because red is the universal color “to stop.”

Thus, by wearing the Heart Happy Bracelet, you're setting yourself up to reject negativity, and accept only positive energy, thoughts and actions into your life, body, and soul.

What I am simply looking to share is that since I have worn my own daily reminder, I've had many amazing life experiences. I have caught myself engaging in negative thought, gossip, or jealousy, and quickly cut these useless and destructive negativities off.

I will literally, look at my wrist and apologize to myself, and whatever greater energy is in the world connecting all of us, for projecting something that truly doesn't do good for anyone, including myself.

We tend to find ourselves enthralled in pessimism, negativity, or gossip, when we do not in fact have things going on in our own lives that make us happy. When we remove these barriers, defense mechanisms and bad talk from our lives, we can then begin to focus on reminding ourselves what is so special about our own lives.

We can ask ourselves important questions to finding our ultimate happiness. What makes me smile? What makes me feel most alive? What is it that I really want for myself?

Gossip, jealousy and projection are all ways we turn the focus off ourselves when we are not happy. It is during these critical moments that we must look at our lives with an analytical eye, and discover what is at the root of this unhappiness.

When we begin to analyze our own lives, it becomes so much easier to then make the changes we need to, in order to find our own happiness once again.

I say once again because there was a time at one point, that if you think back hard enough, you will remember a different you. A lighter, happier, freer, less stressed, easier going person.

You can spend your whole life remembering to go from place to place, person to person, thing to thing; but if you don't take the time, even if it's just a moment looking at your wrist, to create positive change for yourself, then all the running around and remembering will have been for naught.

No matter what it's that you believe in, I'm sure you believe in finding your flow, your glow, your inner peace.

I choose to wear my Heart Happy Bracelet to remind myself of the blessings I have, the gratuity I desire to show, and the goals I want to reach. 

The life you want is obtainable, it is there waiting for you, it wants to be yours. Understand that you're the one that must work for that life in all respects, and as cliché as it may sound, life truly is short and precious.

Why not go through it with a smile on your face, a blissful thought in your mind, and a full heart eager to greet each new day?

Being positive takes the same amount of energy as it does to be negative. Once you get into this energizing and whole-hearted rhythm, you will find it takes even less energy than being negative.

String or no string, I hope you tie yourself up in positive promises to yourself.

Much Love, good luck, heart happy!

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Please feel free to share your thoughts, comments, and questions below. I love feedback, and hearing about your journeys. They inspire my own life, and make this ride feel all the more blessed!

Posted on October 5, 2015 .