My Baby Brother #HeIsMyLegend

As many of you know, I am someone who feels grateful for many things in my life. 

However, two people that mean more to me than anything are my baby brother, Zachary, and my baby sister, Hunter.

The three of us share a unique bond that no one will ever truly understand, simply because we have experienced many of life's ups and downs together.

My brother is someone who I couldn't be more proud of.

Like many brother's we've had our differences, especially in those younger angsty years when we shared a room, but as we have matured, he's truly become someone I feel beyond proud to not only call my brother, but also my best friend.

We were recently reunited after not seeing each other for over a year this past weekend in NYC, and it was without a doubt one of the best weekends we've both ever had.

Montblanc recently launched their stellar new fragrance, Legend, and asked me to take part in a contest, in which I proclaim a man in my life as a legend

I knew instantly that Zachary was my legend.

He isn't only handsome, kind and giving, but also someone that has overcome a learning disability, and unwaveringly stood up for me when others were not so kind.

Zach has used his extreme athletic ability to create his own lacrosse company in Alabama, Parallax Lacrosse, so that he can share his passion, love and drive with a younger generation.

Could he be any more of a legend? Well, yes. He's also one of the top players for the Israeli National Lacrosse Team, an honor given to those, who truly are the best in the world in this sport. 

And on top of all of that he manages to make sure the rest of our family is taken care of. He may only be 25, but if this is what this incredible human being has done in 25 years, I cannot wait to see what he does in another 25.

Zach you're more than my hero, you're a legend.

I couldn't be prouder to watch you grow, evolve, and become the fantastic person you are. I love you more than I will ever be able to show you, or tell you. 

Keep spreading those wings, and showing the world all that you have to offer.

He is my legend.

Who is yours?

If you feel inspired by this little expression of my love than share the man in your life, who you consider to be a legend on your instagram, tag @barrettpall and @MontBlanc, and use the hashtag #heismylegend to be entered into an awesome contest. There will be three winners, and what a perfect and awesome way to pay homage to a man in your life that is a legend, and win a classic Montblanc prize by doing so.

Head over to Montblanc to check out the Legend Fragrance and all things Montblanc!

Happy holidays everyone!

Posted on December 14, 2015 .