The Perfect Button Down

For a long time I’ve been looking for the perfect button down, specifically the perfect white button down. It’s a staple that all men should have in their closet, as it’s beyond versatile and classic.

Well, I can tell you I’ve found it.

Thus, I present to you, the EXPRESS FITTED 1MX TECH SHIRT.

The FITTED 1MX TECH literally hits all the marks, and is the perfect button down in my opinion.

As someone who’s always on the go, and beyond active, I need a shirt that can match my lifestyle, and the FITTED 1MX TECH does just that. It’s quick drying fabric helps keep me cool, and not look like a sweaty mess as I run around from appointment to appointment, or client to client.

Game changer? You bet!

The FITTED 1MX TECH has the perfect amount of stretch built into it, so I’m not left feeling restricted. I hate when I put on a button down and feel like I can’t move.

The 1MX TECH easily allows me to move my arms to hail a cab, or put on my jacket without untucking or completely wrinkling my shirt. This is a huge deal to any guy who has worn a button down, and felt trapped in his own clothes.

And the best part, the FITTED 1MX TECH SHIRT is slightly tailored through the shoulders, chest and waist for a much cleaner and sharper look. I’ve literally been searching for a shirt that comes off the rack like this for so long!

Tailoring your clothes is something that tends to be a necessary extra expense, so I love that I can save a few dollars by skipping this step.

The 1MX TECH takes all the fuss out of looking and feeling stylish, cool, and sophisticated.

This is the active modern man’s button down!

I’m super pumped to have found the EXPRESS FITTED 1MX TECH SHIRT. Way to step it up Express!

Shop the look by clicking here: FITTED 1MX TECH. There is an awesome buy one at full price and get the second one for $20! You don't want to miss this sale!

Posted on April 8, 2016 .