Do You Believe In Spiritual Wifi?


Do you believe in spiritual wifi or should I say the belief that we are all connected?

Spiritual wifi does not require a specific provider. It does not have a religious affiliation. It is not password protected. Anyone can log on at any time from anywhere, and the strength of it is factored entirely by you. The signals will be weak at moments, stronger at others, but will remain lightning fast when connected with other modems. The best part about spiritual wifi is that it is free.  You just have to believe.

Each day, everywhere you look there are people talking on their phones, scrolling through social media, and connecting to the world wide web. We, as people that desire a sense of connectedness, turn on our phones, modems, and computers and are instantly connected to endless people, news, events, images, videos, and really anything you can think of. Though we physically cannot see wifi, we believe it exists. We cannot see ‘the cloud,’ but we know our data is being saved somewhere, somehow. We cannot see this thing that has become a basic human necessity; however, we all undoubtedly trust in it.


One train of thought might be that we are able to physically see the results of the connections it makes as we connect to social media or use a search engine to give us easy access to information. When we have been without wifi or unable to connect to whatever it is we were trying to, thus some sort of tangible understanding of wifi’s existence occurs.

Why then is it so hard to believe we are all connected through a universal energy, ‘spiritual wifi’, if you will. We understand that connecting with others is of vital importance. It’s this idea of connection that has allowed social media to expand and grow in such a dramatic way, that we cannot deny how great it feels to connect with others in a vulnerable real way. 

Some people believe in God, gods, energy, or a greater power that connects us to a larger field, but for many others the idea is too abstract, and without tangible evidence difficult to believe at all. However, what I want to remind you of is that just like an internet modem, we too have to be turned on.  Using a strong signal to accept our spiritual wifi, and accept that not everyone is at the same level of strength when it comes to believing in this larger idea of connection. 

The more we allow ourselves to open up to the people in our lives, the more we will be able to strengthen, not only our ‘signals’, but everyone else’s ‘signals’ around us. The more we explore what makes us happy, the more we will see people around us doing the same. The more we travel, meet new people, and open ourselves up to new experiences, the more we will find ourselves accepting and receiving incredible opportunities in every facet of our lives.

Just because we cannot see something does not mean it does not exist. Some might call it faith, hope, universal acceptance, or whatever makes you comfortable because spirituality and mindfulness are supposed to be about what works for you. No matter what you call this concept, just make sure you have your ‘modem’ turned on, and that you are consciously capable of receiving anything your mind, body, and soul desire.

Remember that social media is a tool, but connecting face-to-face is always a more rewarding, socially engaging, and spiritually strengthening experience. Taking time to sit with yourself, being aware of your breath, and allowing your mind to wander is an essential aid to building and harnessing your spiritual wifi. Lastly, the closer you are to other people’s modems which are as turned on as yours, the farther your signals will go due to the power in numbers.

Whether you have been a believer in the concept of spiritual wifi forever, or are just starting to question its actuality does not matter. What matters is that you continue to be aware of how your actions affect yourself, those around you, and the greater world we all live in. The more you open your mind to this concept, the more you will find positive changes occurring in your life.

Posted on February 2, 2018 .