My One Night Stand In London

When one of your best friends tells you she is getting married, you make sure you’re at that wedding, even if you have to miss your fight to Germany, and book an additional flight from London to Dusseldorf.

Let me explain...

I had booked a round-trip ticket to Germany almost a year in advance with my amazing friend Emily, a week later, one of my best friends, Irina, told me she was getting married the same day that I was supposed to land in Berlin.

As luck would have it, and because I believe that the universe is always listening, my layover happened to be in London, which is where she was getting married, just two hours before the actual ceremony was taking place.

Let’s just say getting ready for this adventure was kind of stressful. Add to the fact that I had a crying baby directly behind me on my international flight, and I wasn’t sure the universe was still on my side. However, I said to myself, “Stay positive, it’s going to work out,” and bam, all my doubts were put to rest, literally, as I was able to blackout-sleep the entire flight.

If you will it, the universe is always on your side!

After navigating the London Tube in a not-so-effortless way, I made it to my Airbnb with only an hour before the wedding ceremony was set to take place. I quickly showered, threw on my suit, and sped off to watch this amazing human get married.

…And just like that Irina was married. I had a mini 10-year reunion with my college besties, and I even got a few extra hours with the original King to my Artisan, Bianca.

London, you were a fantastic one-night stand, but I’m enchanted, so let’s get together soon for more than 24 hours. 

See you soon, Germany I’m coming for you!

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Posted on October 4, 2016 .