Let’s Talk About Sex

Safe sex.

You and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals, and I know majority of us are doing what they do on the discovery channel, so let’s be mature adults and talk about condoms.

Standard condoms only properly fit 12% of condom users, and if we’re doing the deed, we want it to be as pleasurable and safe as possible. Condoms that fit too tight or too loose make it harder to orgasm, keep an erection, and enjoy sex overall. The idea of one-size-fits-all never made sense for anything, so why would we expect it to work for condoms?

MyONE Perfect Fit condoms is the perfect solution to this problem. Ranging in sizes from 4.9 - 9.4 inches long and 3.5-5 inches in circumference these perfect fit condoms are a game changer when it comes to sex. MyONE believes that consumers no longer need to sacrifice comfort for safety and with over 60 different sizes available, they solve the condom fitting problem.

Whether you’re a banana, zucchini, carrott, stick of celery, or a piece of chorizo, there is a perfect fitting condom for you with MyONE.

Figuring out your size is beyond simple with MyONE’s FitKit available online at myonecondoms.com, and to make sure you get the right size, MyONE offers a free sampling program. 

And if all this talk about condoms, penis size, and sex makes you a little nervous and uncomfortable, you have nothing to worry about: shipping and size labels are completely discreet. There are a range of subscriptions you can sign up for, the best value being the 24-pack subscription, which makes each condom cost 66 cents. Not too shabby at all!

Look, I get it, who wants to talk about condoms? The thing is, it would be way more irresponsible to act like any of us weren’t having sex, and to avoid the topic all together. So let’s be grown ups, protect our own body, and our partner's bodies. 

Sex is fun, and it should be enjoyable in every sense, so check out MyONE Perfect Fit condoms, and let the good times roll.

Posted on October 5, 2017 .