Are You Thinking With Your Actual Head Or The Head Between Your Legs?

Ladies and gents lets have an honest convo. 

Many times what our heads, our hearts, and our crotches want are completely different. We say we want one thing, but then act upon other impulses. We claim we want to fall in love, find a significant other, and start building a life with someone. But then life happens. We travel, go on dates, get drunk, and find countless excuses to go on “hoe benders,” and that’s fine. 

However, we need to start claiming our truth, and being honest not just with ourselves, but with the people we meet along these different journeys. Getting naked with Mr. Right Now not Mr. Right is allowed, but you need to let that guy know where your head is at. If you want casual, be honest and say you want casual sex. Don’t claim to be something you’re not, and don’t claim to want something you aren’t ready for, or want right now.

Dating, having sex, and falling in love should be fun, feel good, and open you up in ways you haven’t experienced before. The problem today is that too many people fall into the never ending trap of “the-next-best-thing,” and constantly find themselves searching for something better than the really good thing they have right in front of them. 

We’ve been taught in many western cultures that sex is a bad thing, a taboo, something that shouldn’t be discussed. More people are getting divorced than ever, building a real lasting relationship can feel impossible, and coming to terms with wanting to be with someone, but also have sex with other people is something we aren’t even supposed to think, let alone mention out loud. But the thing is what we’ve been taught clearly isn’t working, and we need to reevaluate the antiquated “rules” in which we are supposed to exist in sex and love. 

We need to start opening up about our sexual desires, our wants, and what we think our modern needs are, so that we can start to create new ways to make all these things work together and align. What many of us grew up thinking was normal is no longer normal, and that’s a good thing. So my question to you is - What should be some things we start to be more open to? What are some things we need to start to reevaluating in terms of love and sex? And lastly, how should we be evolving with technology and our greater access to the world as a whole?

Let me know your thoughts, your feelings, and feel free to leave any kind of comment below.

Much Love,


Posted on November 27, 2018 .