Why You Should Go Platinum Blonde And How To Get There

Because changing your look is meant to be fun, and can spark something inside of you.

Since my big hike across the Pacific Crest Trail, I’ve gained an overall confidence that has gotten me out of my comfort zone in more ways than one. I’m way more willing to take risks, and this has totally been the case when it comes to my hair.

For years I’ve talked about wanting blue hair, but never thought I’d grow the balls to actually do it. Well, after hiking over 500 miles in the desert, you kind of say fuck it, and realize life is too short to not have crazy fun hair at some point in your life.

Sooooo I took the leap, and thanks to a box dye from Kmart was able to dye my hair blue in a random hotel in Tehachapi, CA.

I loved the blue, and I’m so glad I did it, but once I returned home from hiking I found myself itching for another fun change. I’d been blue for over a month, and figured why not keep going.

Thus, I found myself at the Marie Lou & D salon asking Tre Wyrosdick, my Creative Colorist, for one of the hardest transitions, going from seafoam blue/green to an icy platinum blonde. My hairspiration was Lucky B Smith, and I was ready for another big change. Needless to say that once I told Tre I had used a box dye, a colorists worst nightmare, and wanted to become platinum, he was not thrilled, but totally excited to take on the challenge.

Tre was super honest about the fact that this color transition could take a while, and that this was something that could go really badly in the wrong hands (i.e. if I was to try and do this by myself), and as many of you have commented it has when trying at home.

It's super important to note that managing expectations is super important when working towards your hair goals, and what will get you your best results. Tre knew he could get me to the color I wanted, and maintain the integrity of my hair, it just would take time.

Thus, I booked out a full day for this color transformation, and buckled up for a day of fun with Tre over at Marie Lou & D a week after our consultation.

Showing up to Marie Lou & D for my actual color change, I was super excited, and the staff of employees only made my 6 hours there all the more enjoyable. They offered me an arrange of beverages, and made sure I was comfortable the entire time. 

Once I was settled in with a coffee at hand, the double process began!

Tre started out the whole process by taking thin sections, and applying the first application to my hair half an inch from my roots, so that we were only getting the blue/green color. After the first round of lightener was done sitting, my hair was rinsed, cleansed, and then given a second round of cream lightener that went from my roots straight through my ends. Once that was done processing, my hair was rinsed for a second time, and then prepped for the icy blonde tone.

Each step of the way Tre was meticulous, took his time, and made sure that my hair was reacting how he wanted it to. Thanks to an arsenal of Tre's "faves:” Wella Blonder Soft Cream Lightener, Illumina color to create the awesome icy blonde, and Olaplex to ensure the hair could be left in best possible condition, my hair transformation was complete. 

When the whole process was finally done, I was left with a killer icy blonde that is a fun change for the summer, and I have to admit made me feel like my inner cool had been brought out. I'm not someone who feels very cool, but once I saw myself with this platinum color, i can definitely say that something shifted within my personality. 

More than anything, Tre and I both agreed that hair is meant to be fun, an expression, and outlet to change it up when you’re feeling like you need to shake things up a bit. Life gets stagnant, your hair and style shouldn't. 

Had you talked to me a year ago, I would’ve said, “Sure, I’d love to dye my hair some crazy colors, but I doubt I ever will.” I would've listed off a bunch of excuses from work to the money.

Well, after having blue, and now platinum hair, I can honestly say that I’m so grateful that I got out of my way, and just had fun with it. Life is way too short to not do the things we want, especially something like dying your hair a beautiful new color, and the best part is if you end up hating it, you just dye it again.

At the end of the day, if you’re holding yourself back from having fun with your own look, chances are you’re holding yourself back in other areas of your life, so get the f out of your own way, and just go for it. Seeing yourself for the first time in a different way than what you are normally used to seeing, is an amazing feeling that truly gives you this “I can do anything” type of feeling.

And yes, blondes do have more fun.

If you find yourself in NYC looking for a change then head over to 345 West Broadway NY, NY 10013, www.mldnewyork.com, or call (212) 390-8666 to make an appointment, get more information, or just check out the salon. I’m beyond obsessed with Tre, as he not only did a killer job, but is simply a fantastic human being with an incredible story, and will make sure you get what you’re looking for.

Lastly, I’m super excited to offer a promo code, BPMLD, which will get you 15% off of any services you wish to take advantage of at Marie Lou & D.

Remember we regret the things we don’t do in life, not the things we do, so have fun when it comes to your style, and embrace change!

Posted on August 15, 2016 .