OHMME: It's More Than Yoga

Welcome to a truly mindful experience.

For over 10 years I’ve incorporated yoga into my lifestyle in different ways, and because of this, I can truly attest to the benefits that this ancient mindful movement provides. Yoga is, and has been, the place to which I turn when I need to reconnect with myself and mindfully move through my emotions. Thus, you can imagine the excitement I felt when finding a brand like OHMME, which not only takes into consideration the physical movements of yoga, but also the idea behind it, which is about staying fit emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

 As someone who is constantly searching for the best when it comes to fitness gear, I was so excited when I happened to come across this brand, as they marry style, technology, sustainability, and mindfulness.

Could it be any more perfect for this crazy urban hippie? I don’t think so!

OHMME is not your standard activewear brand, they focus on creating sustainable clothes made of eco-friendly fabrics, are super friendly when you speak to them, and are building a community of men that support each other whilst breaking the stereotypes of masculinity. 

Recently, they have launched their men’s workshop, Stillness In Motion, in support of Campaign Against Living Miserably, a charity dedicated to preventing male suicide. Unfortunately, at the moment these workshops are only available in London but one can only help they soon come to the US!

OHMME is a brand that doesn’t mind how you move, they just encourage you to find something that makes you want to move; whether that’s yoga, running, pilates, parkour or even dancing! Because their garments are spot on for all types of activities.

One of my favorite items is the Eco Warrior II Lined Shorts GREEN DEFENCE, which are comfortable and cover you in all your poses and movements! They use a revolutionary anti-bacterial technology called GREEN DEFENCE that integrates natural ingredients such as almond and cinnamon extracts into their fabrics at production stage, which avoids the use of heavy metals or poisonous disinfectant in the making of the fabrics. Moreover, they’re also made of a bluesign® certified material, ensuring that the fabrics are produced in the most environmentally friendly process possible. Rest assured, these shorts are one of the most environmentally-friendly shorts available on the market.

Their 2-Dogs Graphite Shorts will make you want to move as soon as you put them on as they’re designed for all types of dynamic practices and are engineered with built-in compression shorts for total flexibility. These bad boys are also made of a bluesign® certified fabric.

Additionally, I'm obsessed with the Vajra II Mens Yoga Vest! As it's comfortable, doesn't ride up during workouts, and is super breathable. In my professional, and personal, opinion all of these are a must when it comes to my workout gear.

 If you are looking to make an impact on your mind, body, and soul with the addition of making conscious environmental choices then gift yourself some OHMME products. Check out their full range at OHMME.com/Us

Posted on April 3, 2018 .