Working Out With Old Navy

It's time to get our sweat on with OLD NAVY!

As we push full force into this month’s 30 day challenge, I’m excited to give you guys some fitness motivation to tackle the body portion of my challenge.

Recently OLD NAVY asked me to participate in a summer bootcamp challenge, and being that I had already kicked off my 30-Day Mind, Body and Soul challenge, this seemed like a perfect fit.

Anytime I can motivate you guys, and show off some awesome threads you know I’m all game!

Thus, I present to you this week’s Old Navy Bootcamp Challenge.

We’re looking to hit a full body workout, so I’ve come up with a few combination moves for you to take full advantage of.

Move 1:

3 Push Ups X 3 Crossing Mt. Climbers

*Go hard for one minute then rest for 1 minute. Go hard for 10 minutes all together.

Move 2:

4 Low Squats X 6 Plank Shoulder Taps

*Go hard for 2 minutes then rest for 1 minute. Go hard for 20 minutes all together.

For extra difficulty try combining the moves, or mixing up how you go about doing them!

Good luck, have fun, and make sure you check out all the awesome gear by OLD NAVY'S new active line by clicking here: OLD NAVY.

I’m beyond obsessed with these new structured and efficient pieces! OLD NAVY has totally stepped up the fitness wear game! It doesn't hurt that I got these 4 tops and 2 pairs of shorts for all under $100!

Posted on August 9, 2016 .