An Open Thank You Letter To Milo Yiannopoulos

Dear Milo,

I want to start this letter out by saying thank you. 

Thank you for reminding me why I do what I do. Thank you for reminding me that even when I get tired, exhausted, and feel like there’s no point in writing another piece because I may never meet the people that they positively affect, I know I have to.

People like you are why so many of us live in fear, and why the LGBTQ community constantly has to fight uphill.

You don’t represent us, and you don’t have any right to claim you’re a member of this accepting community.

You think it’s cute, charming, and funny to attack pretty much anyone, but it’s not. You thought you could ride this train all the way to the bank, and while you’ve made more money than I believe you should’ve, it’s clear you’re going down quickly.

I hope you’ve been saving because your fifteen minutes are about to expire.

You’re a troll, and trolls eventually have to go back under the bridge from which they came because the ugliness that you spew will not be accepted, tolerated, or given a platform. 

More and more companies are not willing to make a quick buck, and as we continue to protest hateful speech and actions, more companies will have to follow suit. The majority of people around the world have spoken, and you’re old news.

To be honest, I kind of hate that I even took time out of my day to write this letter, but I feel this needs to be said on behalf of all the people you’ve offended and deeply hurt in so many ways.

Your words and actions have consequences, and you are finally reaping what you’ve sowed.

The frustrating part behind your whole shtick is that I don’t even believe, you believe most of the ignorant garbage you spew. If you do, then I feel even more badly for you.

It’s hard to watch someone like you rise to notoriety quickly because you don’t deserve to be a household name, but you found the easy formula to make a quick buck, get your fifteen minutes, and have what I call the “quick explosion.” 

The thing about the “quick explosion” is that it never lasts, you weren’t thoughtful, mindful, and dedicated to lifting people up, which comes with a slow burn. Slow burns take time, care, and require a lot of saying no to opportunities that aren’t right, but you wouldn’t understand that. A slow burn means you’ve made a positive impact, people respect you, and want to continue to see you succeed. A slow burn has lasting power, and you’re on your way out.

You’re a puppet, a cheap form of entertainment, and a phony. You saw an easy in as the token Breitbart gay, and that is how we will remember you. A sellout. 

As I sit and right this piece, you’ve already been banned from Twitter, had one of your books canceled, and you’ve resigned from Breitbart, which I’m sure you’re going to try and turn into a victimized story to make another quick buck. We’re not having it, we don’t care about your career, and more and more people will start to forget who you are.

You’ve made your bed, you’ve showed the world who you really are, and we will accept you as the person you’ve wanted to be known as. 

If you’re as smart and manipulative as I think you are, than you have a chance to now use your platform to champion for the very people you fought against. I don’t think many people will accept a quick change of heart from you, so now you have the opportunity to start rebuilding. If I may be candid, it might be best for you to disappear from the public eye for a while because no matter how you try and spin this your actions will not feel sincere.

It’s people like you who truly test the person I claim to be because it’s really hard to sit here, and try to end this on a kind and positive note. However, if I can continue to be a positive example for others then I have to say, I still wish you well. I hope you take time to reflect on the really poor choices you’ve made, and understand that you are unconscious, and you need to wake up quickly.

You’ve helped pushed an extremely dangerous agenda with very serious ramifications, and you can’t just walk away from this. You’e been a talking head for very ignorant, backwards thinking, and delusional politicians because you had dollar signs in your eyes. I truly hope you find the light one day, and try to make an amends for all you have done, but I hope it’s done behind the scenes where we don’t have to look at you.

Cheap tricks are cheap tricks, and while I will continue to try and love everyone, I don’t have to like you.

I want to say thank you again for reminding me of who I don’t want to be, and being an example for so many impressionable minds of what not to do. I hope more people come out of the metaphorical closet because of you to show what real gay men look like. 

And as a final sentiment, I’m grateful for you because you’ve reignited my passion to champion for those who don’t have a public voice, and can’t say what needs to be said to lost souls like you.

I think I can confidently say this on behalf of a lot of people, “Good grief. It’s about time you got what you had coming to you. And one last thing, Honey, I can recommend some really good hairstylists because yours has jacked you up.” Now may you rest in peace wherever it is you end up, and find the soul that I know is hidden somewhere deep inside of you.

Thank You Again,


P.S. Take a look at the picture above, that guy to the right of me, Mr. Vice President Biden, is what a real leader, and LGBTQ ally looks like. He is the reason why us gays can get married. You should think about thanking him sometime soon.

Posted on February 21, 2017 .