7 Reasons Why You’ll Be Glad You Workout Today

Love your body enough to make sure it get’s a workout in today. After all, it’s the only one you have.

There are literally millions of reasons why you should exercise, but I've decied to give you a quick 7.


1.     Helps Reduce Stress

Stress is an inevitable part of life, especially in today’s constantly connected world. We are attached to our phones, which means we are attached to all the different things that bring us stress.

As anyone who has ever worked out can attest to, once you’ve completed some form of exercise, you’re left feeling much calmer and at ease. As the Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports, “exercise and other physical activity produce endorphins, which are chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers.” Thus when you exercise you’re literally treating your body with the best form of medicine, it’s own natural response, and like Elle Wood’s says, “Happy people don’t just kill their husbands.” She gets it.

2.     Helps You Sleep Better

When you’re less stressed, it’s much easier to quiet the swirling to do list in your head, and fall asleep. The funny this is, when you sleep better, you’re less stressed. It’s a vicious cycle once you’ve fallen off the wagon.

The National Sleep Foundation states that “exercise “triggers an increase in body temperature, and the post-exercise drop in temperature may promote falling asleep.” This idea is also why professionals recommend cool dark places for optimal sleeping.

Get those z’s in now because they truly will help you in the future!

3.     Slows The Aging Process

Penelope Cruz has said that she sleeps for up to 12 hours as part of her beauty routine. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have 12 hours to sleep, so if I can add something into my day that has multiple benefits than why wouldn’t I?

A telomere is a “region of repetitive DNA at the end of a chromosome, which protects the end of the chromosome from deterioration,” and as they age they begin to shorten; however, what researchers from the University of Mississippi and University of California, San Francisco have found is that incorporating any type of physical activity into your daily routine can slow the aging deep within these cells.

Remove the stress, and prolong the longevity of your youthful cells. We all know stress is the fast track to aging, so let’s kick it to the curb for more reasons than one.

4.     Keeps you from getting sick

Beyond looking and feeling good, exercise has been long proven to help maintain you health. By boosting your body’s endorphins, testosterone, and circulation you’re literally helping your body get rid of the bad stuff much quicker.

Men and women, who exercise frequently are less likely to fall ill than their sedentary counterparts, say researchers at the University of Houston. 

So sweat it out, and boost that immune system!

5.     Helps create a schedule.

When you build working out into your daily or weekly routine, you’re more likely to build other healthy habits into your lifestyle. Things like meditation and you time management skills become important, and your life tends to flow in a much more effortless way.

Making time for yourself, means making time for you to the best version of yourself for everyone else.

6.     Improves Confidence

I think it’s pretty safe to say that when you feel good in your skin, you’re more likely walk with your head held higher, speak up when you believe you should, and walk around with an extra pep in your step.

Dr. Pulkit Sharma states,” Whenever you exercise your personal worth increases because it gives you a feeling that you have done something rather than sitting passively and brooding over issues.”

Additionally, a general sense of confidence has been linked to why people get promotions, attract the right mates, and live an overall happier life.

Um, yes please.

7.     Improves Your Sex Life

Who doesn’t want that?

Sex is a natural part of any adult’s life, and a positive sex life can affect many areas of your life.

When you exercise, you’re tapping into your body’s testosterone, and increasing its overall levels, which is also where a large part of your sex drive comes from. Furthermore, exercise increases the body’s blood circulation, which as Dr. Laura Berman states,  “helps improve arousal,” and the bodies “genital sensation as well as the tingle of sexual excitement.” Additionally when you feel good in your skin, you’re less likely to feel self-conscious taking off your clothes.

And as I like to say, “fit sex is good sex.”

Overall, the idea of working out, fitness, and exercise needs to shift from a chore to something that feels good, and has so many benefits for your well being. I know it can feel like a struggle to get to the gym early in the morning, or after a busy day at the office, but getting there is usually the biggest obstacle.

If you’re just getting back into a routine, remember to start out small, so you don’t overwhelm yourself. Conversely, if you’re someone who has found your flow then great, but remember to keep things interesting, and take some days off, so your body can recover.

We often get caught up with reasons why we can’t workout, but here’s the thing, working out is truly a way to honor your body, mind, and soul, so don’t let yourself get in the way of living your healthiest and happiest life!

Posted on August 11, 2016 .

Working Out With Old Navy

It's time to get our sweat on with OLD NAVY!

As we push full force into this month’s 30 day challenge, I’m excited to give you guys some fitness motivation to tackle the body portion of my challenge.

Recently OLD NAVY asked me to participate in a summer bootcamp challenge, and being that I had already kicked off my 30-Day Mind, Body and Soul challenge, this seemed like a perfect fit.

Anytime I can motivate you guys, and show off some awesome threads you know I’m all game!

Thus, I present to you this week’s Old Navy Bootcamp Challenge.

We’re looking to hit a full body workout, so I’ve come up with a few combination moves for you to take full advantage of.

Move 1:

3 Push Ups X 3 Crossing Mt. Climbers

*Go hard for one minute then rest for 1 minute. Go hard for 10 minutes all together.

Move 2:

4 Low Squats X 6 Plank Shoulder Taps

*Go hard for 2 minutes then rest for 1 minute. Go hard for 20 minutes all together.

For extra difficulty try combining the moves, or mixing up how you go about doing them!

Good luck, have fun, and make sure you check out all the awesome gear by OLD NAVY'S new active line by clicking here: OLD NAVY.

I’m beyond obsessed with these new structured and efficient pieces! OLD NAVY has totally stepped up the fitness wear game! It doesn't hurt that I got these 4 tops and 2 pairs of shorts for all under $100!

Posted on August 9, 2016 .

5 Point Acupuncture Saved My Body

Let me start by saying, I’m not the biggest fan of needles.

However, when it comes to my body, I will try almost anything to keep it healthy and strong, especially when it’s a holistic approach to healing.

I had tried acupuncture twice before, and found it to be ok, but when I found myself desperate to fix a thrown out back, which had been triggered after a massage, I remembered a friend mentioning 5 Point Acupuncture, so I said, “Fuck it!” and booked an appointment.

An hour later I walked out of 5 Point Acupuncture feeling amazing.

5 Point Acupuncture combines an East meets West holistic approach to healing your body through ancient and modern acupuncture treatments. Trigger point healing joined with sports medicine acupuncture creates an almost magic like experience to fixing a number of problems when it comes to your body.

I’d never heard of this type of combination, and I have yet to hear about it anywhere else, thus I feel the need to share one of my hidden secrets with all of you.

Both Ryan Smith and Tim Bish will carefully go over all your body’s problems, needs, and whatever else you want to go over in a thoughtful and super professional manner. I truly am a huge fan of both of these guys, and couldn’t be more grateful to have found them.

Ever since I first-handedly experienced the superb results, I refer all my private clients and personal friends to these amazing guys. They all too come back raving about how amazing their bodies feel.

I could go on and on, but all you need to know can be found here: 5 Point Acupuncture.

If you are dealing with any kind of physical or mental problem I would high recommend trying out a session at 5 Point Acupuncture.

Let them know Barrett referred you, and it should help you get in nice and easy!

Lastly, I want it to be 100% known that I’m saying this on my own accord and I’m not being paid to say any of this; I just feel very strongly about the beneficial effects I have experienced, and want everyone else to know these guys are in NYC!

Keep that body healthy!

Posted on May 1, 2016 .

5 Easy Steps To Have An Epic Workout

Because we all deserve to look good, feel good, and live a long happy life with those that we love.


This truly can make or break your workout.

I’m obsessed with all things NIKE, and their newest member to the family doesn’t disappoint. 

The NIKE LUNAREPIC FLYKNIT is the perfect shoe for any workout. It’s light weight and snug fit set the bar very high, and truly take your workout to a level that is out of this world.



I preach stretching at any opportunity because it will save your body from serious damage, and keep your progressing flowing in an upwards direction.

The NIKE LUNAREPIC FLYKNIT perfectly hugs your foot and compresses your ankle to guarantee that your agility and support find a beautiful marriage, and further protect your body. 

15 minutes of stretching will save your body, and is necessary before any workout in my professional opinion. 


Once your body is loose and limber, running at about 70% for 5-10 minutes will get your juices pumping, start a healthy sweat, and get your body truly ready for a kickass workout.

Again, I’m going to stress the importance of the right gear because as anyone who has ever gone for a run will tell you, the right or wrong shoe can add serious benefits, or create serious problems. 

The NIKE LUNAREPIC FLYKNIT has an incredibly firm, yet soft and comfortable bottom that will keep your knees happy, your shins far away from splinting, and your feet feeling airy. These are hard things to find in one shoe, and the LUNAREPIC FLYKNIT totally knocks it out of the park.


A lot of people think you have to go to the gym to have an epic workout. This simply isn’t true. As long as you have your body, you can workout just about anywhere.

I’m a huge fan of isometrics and bodyweight resistance training because these type of workouts eliminate the need for equipment (and excuses), make your body the ultimate tool, and create a truly efficient and functional body. 

Sure looking like a tank is cool, but you should be able to get your arms above your head, and be able to touch your toes with ease.

Exercises like push-ups, triceps dips, mountain climbers, and side planks are moves that will hit multiple body parts at once, and deliver an incredible burn. Remember that that burn is your body’s way of saying change is happening. 

Enjoy the burn, welcome the burn, embrace the burn!

Play around with these type of moves consistently for about 45 minutes to an hour, and you will see results happen quickly.


Your body just did some hardcore stuff, so let it breathe and cool down.

Stretching after a workout will help keep your muscles loose, blood flowing, and slow your heart rate down in a truly healthy and necessary way.

I recommend a solid 10-15 minutes of stretching here to keep injuries down, improvement up, and you feeling grateful for what you just accomplished.

Let NIKE'S latest creation, the LUNAREPIC FLYKNIT, take your workout to a whole new level, and watch your body morph into the machine it so badly wants to be.

Make sure to check out all this insane gear and more by clicking: NIKE.

Let me know what takes your workout to an out-of-this-world experience, and remember to “Just do it!”

Posted on March 14, 2016 .

48 Days & 10 Reasons Why I Went Sober

On January 1, 2016 I decided that I was going to do Sober January. I announced it on all my platforms as an extra way to hold myself accountable, and to invite others to join me on the 31-day challenge.

I had done Sober October the year before, and made it the entire month. I realized it had been close to 10 years since I seriously took 30 days to not poison my body, and really give it a break.

After completing Sober October, I found clarity in areas of my life that I hadn’t even realized I needed to. I ended a relationship, pushed even harder in my career, and made some realizations about people I thought were my friends.

Recognizing the clearness that comes from being beyond aware 100% of the time, I vowed that I would do this at least once a year.

Thus the beginning to my sober challenges began.

This time around I made it to January 31st without any problems. I still went out, and was social, but I would be lying if I said that it wasn’t challenging at moments.

I have since decided to keep this challenge going, and have made it to day 48. I hadn’t intended to go longer than the month, but when I was first presented with a drink it just didn’t feel like the right timing.

I also want to make it clear that my sobriety meant no drinking, no drugs, no preworkout. Sober is sober.

I don’t know when I’m going to break my sobriety, or if I’m even going to, but I can tell you 10 reasons why I first started this challenge, and why I’ve kept it going.

1.    I was over being distracted.

 We use drinking to distract us from the fact that our lives aren’t exactly how we want them.

When we don’t like something in our lives, or we need to make something or someone seem better we often resort to altering the state of our mind.

Boredom is another big reason why at moments I found myself drinking.

What should we do on a night that we don’t have to sleep well, wake up early and be productive? I know! Let’s drink, so that we can forget about how hard the past week was, and the fact that we’re going to have to do it again.

I really like my life, and want to be aware of how great it is, or isn’t, so that I can make real changes.

2.    I didn’t want the people and things in my life to just be bearable.

Hey, this bar isn’t so great, let’s drink to make it fun. Your friends are being kind of shitty, lets drink so we have a common activity to do, and forget we don’t have a lot in common.

I didn’t want to just bear the club, friends, or my surroundings. I wanted to enjoy all of them. By removing any kind of haze from my mind, I was able to really focus on the people, places and things that make me happy.

For some reason we often forget what those things fundamentally are when we get caught in the rat race of life.

3.    Releases come in much healthier forms.

I didn’t want to have to fuck my brain and body up to forget about my troubles. I wanted to breathe in the positive, face them head on, and get outside of my comfort zone as much as possible.

Drinking shouldn't be a coping method for anyone, but unfortunately it is for many people. 

I have always enjoyed fitness, and found that it was so much easier to incorporate other healthy habits into my life, once I got on the sobriety train.

I have since made flossing a nightly occurrence. Not sure if there's a correlation, but I’ll take it.

4.    My body is my temple, and it needed a break.

I wouldn’t say that I was a big drinker to begin with, but I still found myself drinking to get drunk on many weekends, and it truly takes a toll on your mind, body and soul.

I traded booze for water, and slowly but surely watched the dark circles under my eyes begin to disappear, my skin clear up, and my muscles become more defined than ever before.

Additionally, I’ve been able to gain the 5 pounds of muscle I have wanted for a long time. It’s been easier to make smarter and healthier food choices, and I don’t find myself eating crap late night, which often comes with being drunk.

5.    A dolla makes me holla.

Drinking is expensive, especially when you live in New York City.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’d rather save my money for something more important that can add real value to my life. Trips, nice dinners, and fun activities have all been less stressful to think about doing because I’m not wasting upwards of $100 on booze on any given drinking night.

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but making smart financial decisions can definitely help keep you feeling sane and more at ease.

6.    Sleep, sleep, and some more sleep.

As anyone who has ever drank and then gone to bed can tell you, drunk sleep doesn’t ever refresh you. To make matters worse, you usually end up going to bed much later than normal, and wake up earlier than you’d like, or find yourself laying in bed for hours just trying to get out of bed.

Call me old, but a really good night’s sleep sounds so much more appealing to me than a late night out and getting fucked up.

To properly recharge your body, you need to go into a proper REM cycle, which takes 3 hours and a healthy body. External factors like drinking make this incredibly more difficult to achieve.

7.    It was a challenge.

I knew that there would be occasions that would arise that normally would make me want to drink. I knew it wouldn’t be impossible, but I knew it would be hard. I knew it would be a challenge.

I have to admit that I often preach about getting outside of your comfort zone, but I still often find myself nervous at the thought of doing just that in many scenarios. However, knowing this to be the case, I have made sure to fight my own fears, and push beyond my own boundaries.

I must admit that every time I do in fact push myself, life truly ends up that much better, and this challenge is no exception.

8.    I was over losing time.

As you get older you realize how precious time truly is. Drinking, partying and staying out late are super fun, but it stops being entertaining when you realize how much time you are wasting sleeping in, feeling like crap and pregaming for the main time waster.

I’m not saying that I have stopped going out, or that I regret partying, but what I am saying is that my priorities have truly changed. I’d rather spend time with my friends in quiet environments where we can hear each other, share what’s going on in our lives, and be comfortable. 

9.    I was over holding myself back.

I’m going to reiterate that I didn’t have a problem, and that I may drink again in the near future, but what has changed for me is feeling the need to do what everyone else is doing because of FOMO, or because I want to have cheap fun.

My life is evolving in a really amazing way, and I don’t want to hold myself back from achieving everything I ever dreamed of because I made myself feel less than great.

I’d rather keep my two steps forward, and get rid of the one step back when it comes to my life, my productivity, my fitness, my friends, my time, and every other aspect of my life.

10. I was ready for change.

They say you can’t force someone to change, and I’ve learned that to be incredibly true.

I don’t know why, but something has come over me. I’ve found that I’m more confident than ever before, I trust my own judgments, and I don’t need external validation the way I used to.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m heading into my late twenties, or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve made my life more mindful in many significant ways. Whatever the case is, I’ve enjoyed my 48-day journey, and the changes it has brought.

I share this story, and the things I have noticed to spark something within yourself. I share this to affirm what many of us already know, drinking and drugs aren’t good for you, and you can live without them.

If the idea of doing a sober month sounds hard than I say great, all the more reason why you should seriously challenge yourself. If nothing else, proving that you can accomplish a goal to yourself is an incredibly fulfilling feeling.

Drink, don’t drink, just make sure you are honoring your truth and taking care of yourself mind, body and soul.

Posted on February 17, 2016 .

10 Tips On How To Eat For The Holidays

As we approach the beginning of the holiday season, a plethora of heavy, rich and uber delicious foods start to creep up onto our dinner tables, and tempt us into overindulging. 


However, just because it’s time to eat, drink and be merry, doesn’t mean you have to give up all the hard work you’ve done up until this point.

Here are my top 10 tricks to avoid the temptation, and keep yourself fit and in check with all that delicious food. 

1.     Choose Your Battles

You want more turkey then have fewer deserts. You want more main dishes then avoid the hors d'oeuvres. You want to eat more of the feast that’s been cooked then avoid drinking alcohol.

These aren't excuses to eat more crap, but rather a scale you should be weighing realistically within your head. Going in with a game plan sets you up for success, so be conscious and seriously consider if that extra bite is worth the extra calories, defeated attitude, and lethargic feeling that you could have or avoid at the end of the day.

2.     Avoid Over Eating

I’m aware that this is an obvious statement, but the amount of people that overlook obvious is rampant when we look at our society as a whole.

By filling up your plate with everything you want the first time around, you are scientifically less likely to go back for seconds, which means you're more likely to eat only want you need, not what you may want. 

There's a big difference in what you need and what you want, so being mindful to how your body feels will help you from over doing it on the heavy foods.

3.     Fill Your Plate With Healthier Options

There will be some good options, some bad, and some really bad options. You know which ones are worse, so try to fill your plate, and thus your stomach with healthier main dishes and sides.

If you can forgo the desert all together than do it. Yes, they taste good, but are a few bites of sweetness really worth the money, time and effort you’ll have to spend to undo those bite? I think not.

If it truly is that important to taste those treats then allow yourself to have a small piece of one, not a sampling plate of all of them.

4.     Avoid The Appetizers

Yes, I know you’re starving, and simply cannot wait for the main attraction, but if you can avoid all the snacking before hand, you’re already setting yourself up for success.

The tiny plates of cheese, crackers, bread, cured meats and anything else your family may decide to put out to hold you over, are little obstacles on the way to sitting down at the dinner table.

If you’re truly that hungry than cut up some vegetables, and go to town on them. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, add ranch or any heavy dips to those healthier options. You’re not tricking anyone, especially yourself with vegetables covered in crap, they just become crap once crap is on them.

5.     Drink More Water

This tip in general should be implemented into your daily routine as water truly is the most beneficial thing for you body, but drinking more water during the big holidays will do a few things for you.

  1. Drinking more water will help fill you up, leaving you less likely to over eat.
  2. By keeping a glass of water handy, you’re less likely to eat out of boredom, which is what many of us do when we have downtime, aka what the holidays are all about.
  3. Drinking water will keep you from getting sick as we approach the colder months, which is huge for keeping on top of your fitness and eating healthy.
  4. And finally, a hydrated body will keep you from being hung over, which if you’re being realistic with yourself, is a real possibility when you consider how much drinking tends to come along with the holiday season. If you aren’t hung over, you’re more likely to wake up, exercise, make smart decisions, and not eat a ton of crap food.

6.     Drink Clear

Keeping with the theme of drinking, which again is a very likely occurrence, you want to choose clear beverages.

If it isn’t water, and you’re of age, then things like vodka, tequila, and gin are much smarter and lower caloric options. Adding soda water and fresh lime to these adult beverages will make them even tastier, and will keep the sugar factor much lower than all those holiday drinks.

Drinking is fun, but feeling, looking and acting like a terd is not. Don't over do the booze, and splurge on higher quality alcohol as it will also keep the hang overs less severe. 

7.     Moderation Is Key

I truly believe this is the golden rule of life.

Small portions of all the things you love will make you feel like you aren’t missing out, and will prevent you from binging later.

You should be able to enjoy everything you want to, but if you’ve over done it in past years then be aware of your track record. Again, by being honest with yourself, you are setting yourself up for success.

8.     Avoid Downtime

Staying active throughout all the downtime is key to keeping yourself in check. Not only will exercise distract you from waiting for the meal to be done, it will allow you to eat a little more, and feel like all the eating is serving an actual purpose (nourishing your body).

Wrangle the family together to go play football outside, take an exercise class, or go for a scenic walk around town. It will create some great dinner conversation, and be a bonding experience that will mark this specific year’s festivities.

The more active you are, the more your body will thank you, so get up and go!

9. Create New Traditions

There are no rules to what a holiday meal is supposed to look like.

If you’re struggling with staying on track then don’t even bother tempting yourself. Cook a healthy meal, avoid the creams, sugars and added salt.

The holidays aren’t about the food, they’re about enjoying your time with the people you love. Don’t sabotage all the hard work you’ve put in for the past 11 months, and remember summer bodies are made in the winter, so if you want to feel good, look good, and be around longer for those that you love, healthier options or versions of old classics are the way to go!

10.     Enjoy Yourself

The holidays are supposed to be a time to relax and enjoy life, so don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t doing everything perfectly. Being kind to yourself through any process is of paramount importance, and will help you bounce back from slight mishaps.

However, there truly is a difference between cutting yourself slack, and letting yourself fall off the deep end.

The best thing you can do is just be honest, mindful and respectful of the journey you are on. Listen to your body. When you're full stop eating, the leftovers aren't going anywhere, and if they are going home with someone else that just means less temptation for you.

Have a great holiday season, and enjoy!

Posted on November 24, 2015 .

8 Rules For A Better Workout

These eight rules that I discuss, target maximum efficiency with minimum time, thus allowing you to have shorter, but more developed and stronger workouts. For many of us, time is of the essence, so being able to shave off even ten minutes from a workout could result in an even more productive day.

I cannot tell you the amount of times I have been at the gym and watched people waste their own time. As a professional, in the health and wellness arena, it kills me to watch people sabotage themselves. Some gym goers do this unknowingly, while others, in my opinion, simply do not care.

I remember what it was like for me when I first started working out. Everything is foreign, machines look scary and there are people doing exercises you never even knew existed. However, after years of honing my workouts, acquiring my professional certifications, and teaching many individuals, I have come up with easy tricks to have an even better workout.

These eight easy tips, truly will help you have an even better workout, and will ultimately help you achieve the body you want faster, and in some cases, easier. They may sound like obvious notions, but actually implementing these eight rules will help you garner the results you’ve been looking for.

1.    Put Your Phone Away

This is my first and biggest rule. You step into a workout session with me, it is game time. The outside world does not exist, and we are all each other have.

Yes, I understand that we all have business to take care of, but your body is one of your ultimate priorities. Nothing catastrophic is gong to happen within the hour you are working out, and if you seriously think something big has happened, excuse yourself from the gym to make a phone call.

Furthermore, all that checking your phone, texting, talking, taking gym selfies and whatever else you are doing is wasted time. You are tricking yourself into thinking you have been at the gym working out longer than you actually have. Phone time at the gym still does not equal workout time.

2.    Bring a Water Bottle

Again, this may sound completely elementary, but by bringing a water bottle, you save time walking back and forth to the water fountain. Time is of the essence, and just by eliminating that simple walk back and forth; you will feel a difference in your routine.

Furthermore, it is imperative to stay hydrated while working out. It is way more likely that you will keeping drinking adequate amounts of water with the ease of having a water bottle next to you.

Again, simple, but extremely effective.

3.    Wear Headphones / Listen to Music

This one may be different for different people, but having music on, in your own headphones, allows you to focus better. Having music play in your earphones, helps to drown out the distractions around you, focus more intensely on your own workout and is a nonverbal sign that you are not at the gym to socialize.

Listening to your own version of pump up music will help you zone in on what ever exercise you are doing, and keep you motivated longer. Music with higher levels of bass can make you feel more powerful, according to a study done at Northwestern, which I can personally attest to.

Throw on some dubstep, hardcore rap, or dancey pop-music and you will have a better burn, pump more and waste less time.

4.    Warm Up / Stretch

Warming your body up is extremely important when exercising. Yes, it takes some time to warm up and stretch, but saving yourself from injury is imperative. It is worth the extra 10-15 minutes because you are helping to prevent from long-term effects, which will ultimately take up more time.  Coming back from an injury that could have been prevented, takes a lot more time than stretching for a few minutes before and after your workout.

Stretching helps your flexibility and overall muscle function. It has long been said that your level of flexibility is a sign of your general health and wellness.

Once you have stretched, go for a quick 5 minute medium speed run to help raise your heart rate to a place that you will want to keep it at during the duration of your workout. Once you get yourself a little sweaty, it is easier to stay at that place.

5.  Superset

To superset when you exercise, means to do two different exercises in a row with little to no rest. This may sound way more advanced than you care to think about, or extremely obvious to others; however, there is a superset for everyone.

No matter who you are, or what your fitness level is, I suggest trying to have as little rest in-between reps as possible. A great way to implement supersets into your workout is to use pushups, high knee ups, running in place or crunches in-between any type of exercise. 

I commonly do one set of 10 reps on the bench press, followed immediately by 10 to 12 pushups. Then I give myself a quick rest, drink some water from my water bottle, and then repeat for an additional 4 to 5 sets, doing both moves of bench press and pushups.

Having an additional move in between other exercises, helps to maximize your efficiency, while using less time overall at the gym. It will also keep your heart rate up, thus allowing for more calories to be burned.

6.    Avoid Downtime

This has been the overall theme of each of these rules, but can still be done in a number of ways.

Instead of taking the elevator up to the floor of your gym, use the stairs. This is an easy way to start your workout, and will help you get in a mindset to work a little harder.

If you really want to change your body, and you do not have all the time in the world, avoid being the social butterfly. Sure, you may know a bunch of people at the gym, but they’ll respect that fact that you are there to work, not hang out. You can always say goodbye at the end of your workout, and you won’t as easily get stuck talking for longer than you would like because you are done and have to get going.

These are just some examples, but the list is endless.

7.    Find a Way to Hold Yourself Accountable

If you are someone that knows you will find any excuse to not workout then you need to find a way to hold yourself truly accountable.

Many people have a hard time doing just this, and that is why I see so many faces in my Barry’s Bootcamp classes, and why classes in general are so popular today. There is a trained professional there to keep you in check, and make sure you are pushing yourself to a point you can do, but don’t like to physically and mentally push yourself to.

If classes are not your thing, or money is tight, have a friend be your workout partner. You can spot each other, go through the motions together, teach each other different exercises and tricks, and hold each other responsible.

However, this is not an excuse to waste time talking to each other and catching up. If you do go to the gym with someone, implement supersets, so that you are both exercising continuously. I see too many friends at the gym together, but they end up there way longer than they should be because all they are doing is gossiping and wasting each others time.

8.    Have a Warm-Down Drink

Drinking some sort of protein infused drink, within the first fifteen minutes after your workout is super important. It helps feed the muscles you just worked out, keeps your metabolism moving, and helps you from binging after a great workout.

No matter if you are looking to loose weight, put weight on, or stay the same this really is an important rule. Different drinks are perfect for each type of goal, so do a little research and see what your body needs.

Ultimately, your workout is for you. You got your ass to the gym, so do not waste your own time. I constantly say to my clients that by not giving 110 percent you are only wasting your own time because no one else is going to be able to change your body.

Yes, there will be days that are harder to motivate yourself, but those are the days that you must dig deep, throw on music that is a little harder and find your inner hulk.

Remember we get sweaty in the gym to look sexy on the street. Now lace up those shoes, and go and get the damn thing!

Be safe. Dig deep. Make the changes you want. Stay sweatysexy!

Posted on September 16, 2015 .

My Top 10 Reasons Why I Exercise

We all have our reasons. Here are mine.


No one likes to be depressed, but I am someone that really hates having one of those downer days.  Through the help of exercise, I have been able to maintain a pretty happy demeanor, balance my stresses, and sweat out unproductive thoughts circulating my brain. There have been many ups and downs in my life, but having an outlet to work through these good and bad moments has been key. Exercise has truly been the greatest therapy.

2.    The “Hot Bod”

While getting your sweat on is great for maintaining your sanity, I would be lying if I said, I didn't enjoy the physical fruits of my labor. Pushing your body to new levels of fitness, and seeing physical results is definitely a great motivation. We all want to live a long, healthy and fit life, but looking sexy through those years makes life taste all the sweeter.

3.    Confidence

While I would define myself as a pretty confident individual, I wasn't always someone, who had the best confidence. After years of bullying, it was hard to look at myself in the mirror and see someone of high worth. Exercise gifted me with the tools to change that perception.

Through years of hard work, dedication and persistence, I have been able to mold myself into the person I always wanted to be. I now walk down the streets of NYC with my head held high and a smile on my face. Not only do you feel great, but this confidence flows into other aspects of your life: work, dating, family life, the list is endless. There is no better feeling than knowing your mind, body and soul harmoniously align to show the world your best version.

4.    Sleep Better

It's been proven that when you exercise, you're able to balance out the chemicals in your body. Having healthy and regular exercising patterns helps your biological clock set itself, and leads to ease in falling asleep and sleeping through the night better. We live in a busy world, and most of us can use as much sleep as we can get. Help yourself; set your natural alarm.

5.    Starting/Maintaining Healthy Patterns

In life we tend to fall into patterns. These patterns range from healthy to full-blown dangerous. Professionals say that it takes 30 days to break one pattern, and an additional 30 days to create a new one. I do not know about you, but I much rather fall into a pattern that is productive and supports my life to the fullest. Getting in the habit of exercising, even if for just a small amount of time each day, will help you find the joy and appreciation in not only exercising, but your life as a whole.

6.    Helps Create a Schedule

Following the idea of patterns, implementing a regular exercise program into your life assists in creating an overall manageable schedule. It is easy to feel like there is no time for anything, especially when you are not good at managing your own time. I have found that when I have a set time to exercise, my days feel much more manageable, and I'm actually able to fit more into a day than when I just try to rush around. Eliminating stress from your daily life can truly save your life, prevent injuries and allows for a greater sense of ease.

7.    Meet New People

While I am someone that prefers to have gym time, be "me time," I have been privileged with meeting some amazing people through fitness. Becoming a trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp NYC has opened my world up to meeting many amazing people, and allowed me to watch friendships develop.

The idea of a team is something we hear about all the time, and goes back to your little league days. There is something incredibly bonding about going through something together, even if that simply means a really hard work out with the devil, aka me for the hour I teach. My bootcampers leave class exhausted, but feeling like they have just been through an experience together that others may not understand. Furthermore, there are a lot of sexy singles that like to take classes, go for runs, or workout at gyms. You never know who you could meet, by making yourself a healthier you, and what that could do.

8.    Fit Couples Stay Together

I know not everyone is in a couple, but one day you will be, and you will find that having shared interests and hobbies goes much farther than liking the way the other one looks. By maintaining an active life while you are single, you set yourself up to be someone that is a part of a fit couple. It also physically places you in settings to meet other fit individuals.

Going for hikes, taking classes together and understanding what the other person is going through opens up communication, gives you something productive to talk about, and creates an even stronger bond.

9.    Fit Sex is Way More Fun

Yes, I said it.

We're all grown ups here, and if this idea bothers you, I would question your sex life. Lets be honest, no one wants to roll around naked with anything less than 100 percent confidence. This is a lofty goal, but being able to get naked in front of someone you love, or at least really like and feel like the shit is an extremely satisfying feeling.

Through exercise, sex can be way more fun. Stamina is up, endurance is higher and flexibility is better, which all lead to way more fun. As mature adults, sex is meant to be enjoyed. When you feel good about yourself, and have a body that does what you want, a whole new world of nakedness opens up. A healthy sex life is just that healthy, so be smart, be safe, and let the good times roll.

10. Boundaries Get Broken

Pushing your body to new limits, challenging yourself and looking beyond what you know opens new possibilities. When you learn to appreciate yourself, you give yourself more and more gifts to make this life the best life. You're able to see changes, and you question yourself more and more. By implementing healthy patterns into your life, you are able to ask yourself why, push for more, and have higher goals.

We all have different reasons why we decide to do things. Different motivations. Goals and Dreams. Whatever your reasons are for not doing something, the reasons for doing them are probably far greater when it comes to a healthy life.

As cliché as it is, don't wait for tomorrow because it will always be one day away. Even if it just means walking an extra block or two to get home, or doing a quick jog before work, find something to start your exercise habits off that feels obtainable.

Know that results take time, and be patient with yourself. That little bit of pain you feel when pushing your body that much harder is temporary, and the results you will see will feel that much sweeter.

Find your inner hulk, and do the damn thing.

Come learn what sweaty sexy is with me. I teach Barry’s Bootcamp in Chelsea NYC on Monday and Wednesday nights at 7:50PM. Tuesday and Thursday nights at 9PM, and my own Sundays at 3:15 and 5:45. Let me help you become the best you, you can be.

For those who can’t make it to class, I hope I can still be a form of motivation and inspiration. We get sweaty in the gym to look sexy on the streets. We push our bodies to push our minds. We make change today!

Good luck! Remember, “Yes You Can!”

Posted on September 16, 2015 .